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Examinations for all of our modules take place in late September and early October each year. You can arrange to take your examinations in your own country. A list of authorised examination centres is available on the University of London website.

Examination Board meetings take place in late December. The University of London will email the official notification of results to students in mid-January. Please ensure that your email address is up to date.


Information about examinations can be found on the Examination section of the University of London website.

Examination timetable

Please refer to the examination timetable to find out when examinations are running. The earliest this can be finalised is June/July as timetabling is dependent on annual module enrolment numbers.

Registering for your examinations

If you plan to take examinations this year please read this information now.

You will receive an email from the University of London Examinations Office with details of how to register via the online portal.

The deadline for exam registration is usually 1 August.

Contact details

For any examination queries, please contact the University of London Worldwide using UOLW query form and quoting your nine digit UOL SRN (student registration number).

Email: pgug.exams@london.ac.uk

Examinations FAQs

When and where are examinations held?

All module examinations take place once a year during the late September/early October examination period. As a result, we only have one examination period held during late September/early October each year. The University of London maintains an extensive world wide network of local examination centres, so it would usually be possible for you to sit the examinations for your modules at a location that is convenient to you.

Further information on examination centres is available here

Why is there only one examination period per year?

The cost of running more than one examination period each year is prohibitively high. If we were to run a second examination period, the cost of each module would need to increase by at least £300. We want our modules to be affordable to as many people as possible, so we try to keep our costs down. As a result, we only have one examination period held during October each year.

I have a problem with the date/location of my examinations. What can I do?

The date and location of an examination can only be changed in exceptional circumstances, such as the examination centre being closed on the scheduled date of the examination. In this situation, contact pgug.exams@london.ac.uk. Please note that it is not compulsory for you to sit the examination for a module in the same year that you studied that module.