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Our faculty members have a strong commitment to academic research and publication. Their research interests, publications, and expertise are wide-ranging. Our current, active research interests lie within five main areas:

  • Corporate governance: finance, law, and regulation (in developed and developing countries)
  • Corporate finance: determinants of firms' capital structure
  • Finance and economic growth
  • Financial regulation, central banking and bank supervision
  • Management in China; Management in Japan; and Management in the Middle East and North Africa

The output of the department's research is accessible from the list of discussion papers below. From here you can also access a list of PhD theses, and recent publications by academic staff can be found on their respective staff pages.

Discussion papers

Leonardo Becchetti, Luca Corazzini and Vittorio Pelligra

DP_140 We Can Be Heroes: Trust and Resilience in Corrupted Economic Environments

Konstantin Makrelov, Rob Davies and Laurence Harris

DP_139 The Impact of Bank Leverage Regulations on the South African Economy

Leonardo Becchetti, Francesco Salustri and Pasquale Scaramozzino

DP_137 Nudging and environmental corporate responsibility: A natural experiment

Leonardo Becchetti, Francesco Salustri and Pasquale Scaramozzino

DP_135 Making information on CSR scores salient: a randomized field experiment

Rebecca Pietrelli and Pasquale Scaramozzino

DP_133 Internal migration and vulnerability to poverty in Tanzania

Antra Bhatt Hakhu, Alessandro Piergallini and Pasquale Scaramozzino

DP_123 Public Capital Expenditure and Debt Dynamics: Evidence from the European Union

Yothin Jinjarak, Paulo Jose Mutuc and Ganeshan Wignaraja

DP_120 Does Finance Matter for the Participation of SMEs in International Trade?

Paolo Canofari, Giancarlo Marini and Giovanni Piersanti,

DP_114 Expectations and Systemic Risk in EMU Government Bond Spreads

Paolo Canofari, Giancarlo Marini and Pasquale Scaramozzino

DP_111 To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Prices for Funeral Homes in US States

Aurora Murgea and Giancarlo Marini

085_DP103 Mood Misattribution and Investment Decisions

Hong Bo, Robert Lensink, Victor Murinde

077_DP95 Credit Ratings and Corporate Investment: UK Evidence

Michele Alessandrini, Tullio Buccellato, Pasquale Scaramozzino

072_DP90 Whither the Indian Federation? Regional Disparities and Economic Reforms

Barbara Annicchiarico and Alessandro Piergallini

056_DP74 Country-Specific Risk Premium, Taylor Rules, and Exchange Rates

Barbara Annicchiarico, Giancarlo Marini and Giovanni Piersanti

055_DP73 Budget Deficits and Exchange-Rate Crises

Andrea Cipollini, Bassam Fattouh and Kostas Mouratidis

051_DP68 Fiscal Readjustments in the US: A Non-linear Time Series Analysis

Fabrizio Adriani and Luca G Deidda

049_DP66 The Monopolist's Blues

Fabrizio Adriani and Luca G Deidda

045_DP62 Competition and the signalling role of prices

Luca Deidda, Bassam Fattouh

042_DP59 Banks, Financial Markets and Growth

Pasquale Scaramozzino, Jonathan Temple, Nir Vulkan

039_DP56 Implementation Cycles in the New Economy

Giancarlo Marini, Alessandro Piergallini, Pasquale Scaramozzino

033_DP50 Inflation Bias after the Euro: Evidence from the UK and Italy

Bassam Fattouh, Laurence Harris and Pasquale Scaramozzino

027_DP43 Non-Linearity in the Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from UK Firms

Barbara Annicchiarico and Giancarlo Marini

018_DP34 Government Deficits, Consumption and the Price Level

Barbara Annicchiarico and Giancarlo Marini

017_DP33 Fiscal Policy and Price Stability

Fabio Cerina, Luca Deidda

012_DP26 Do We Need More Time for Leisure?

Giancarlo Marini, Giovanni Piersanti

006_DP20 Fiscal Deficits and Currency Crises

Bassam Fattouh, Pasquale Scaramozzino and Laurence Harris

005_DP19 Capital Structure in South Korea: A Quantile Regression Approach

Luca Deidda and Bassam Fattouh

002_DP16 Non linearity between finance and growth