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Enrolment – New Students

You can now enrol for modules running in Session 5 in the 2014/15 study year. The deadline for submitting your enrolment form and payment to study in Session 5 is 8 June 2015.

Before you can enrol, you must have received and accepted an unconditional offer. If you are unsure of your status, please email cefimsadmin@soas.ac.uk or call +44 207 898 4050.

Rolling enrolment

Once you are registered, you are able to select and enrol on modules throughout the year. Deadlines for each session apply and if you enrol after the deadline you will need to select modules for the next available session.

Enrolment deadline Sessions available for enrolment
08 June 2015 Session 5

This increased flexibility means that you can make module choices when you are ready and base these choices on your current workload and family commitments. In addition, you are able to assess your progress on a module before moving onto further modules. This system will allow you to balance your study and life style, helping you progress through your studies at a pace that suits you.

Online enrolment

You can use our online enrolment form for maximum convenience and speed. The form will automatically allow you to enrol in the next available session and all other available sessions for that year. We will send you reminders by email before each enrolment deadline.

Points to remember

The rolling enrolment system offers you great flexibility. However, it is worth illustrating a few current policies that you should remember when planning your enrolments:

  • You will only be enrolled on a module once you have paid the fees for that module. If you select a module in an enrolment session but do not pay the fees, you will need to reselect the module in another session.
  • Once you have enrolled and paid for a module, you will not need to select it again in another enrolment session.
  • You can enrol on no more than one module per session.
  • You can enrol on up to five modules in the 2014/15 study year.


Sponsored students

SOAS is able to invoice sponsors for fees. Students must provide an authorised letter of sponsorship. Where fees are to be paid direct to SOAS by an employer, the student must immediately inform SOAS if they withdraw from the programme or module. In cases where a sponsor pays less than the full fee, the student remains liable, and will pay the remaining proportion of the fee. In the event of non-payment by the employer or other sponsor, the student remains personally liable for the payment of fees in full by the due dates.

If your employer or other organisation (sponsor) has agreed to pay all or part of your fees on your behalf, your sponsor will need to provide us with an official signed letter, or a purchase order, on headed notepaper confirming the sponsorship. The original letter or purchase order should be returned to the Department together with your completed Application Form and Declaration Form which you must sign and date. An invoice will be sent directly to your employer/sponsor. The sponsor's letter must confirm that the Tuition fees will be paid and contain the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student Number
  • Programme of Study
  • Name of Sponsor (Organisation)
  • Address and relevant contact details of the sponsor (preferably any of the following – Executive Director of the Organisation, Director of Human Resources or Director of Finance, telephone number and email)
  • Percentage or specified amount of the fees that the sponsor will pay
Part-sponsored students

If your sponsor has agreed to pay less than the full fee, or a specified percentage of the fee, please ensure this is clearly specified on the confirmation letter or purchase order.

You will be liable for the balance of the fees due and in order to complete enrolment you must pay the balance due. Please see payment page for how to pay your fees.

Non-Payment by Sponsor

In the event of non-payment by a sponsor by the due date of the invoice, the student will become personally liable for the payment of fees in full and the balance will be due immediately.


University of London Regulations